After a long silence, here we are at Huatulco, Mexico – our fallback destination. We’ve had mostly good winds, but during hot windless days my favourite is to dive in the ocean spotting odd-shaped jellyfish. We also made numerous other exciting spottings on the way: a couple of whales, fleets of dolphins (nuo merten uljaat kaikuluotaimet;) jumping and following us and sea turtles lying lazily on the sea surface. When we arrived to Huatulco, we saw a 5-meter manta ray swimming by us. In the night time Nanea leaves a glowing aura in the water, with strange bright sparkles here and there.

There was quite some winds at the Gulf of Tehuantepec, peaking 47 knots. At least the people at Marina Chahue are very interested about our trip across the notorious gulf. There were times we could barely make it forward because of high seas. A huge mexican naval vessel passed by to salute us, asking if we were fine on the VHF;) What a courtesy. We made some quick repairs to the ship and plan to continue towards Acapulco in a couple of hours where we’ll have some days off and a crew change. The motor still needs some spare parts which Janne, our chief engineer, couldn’t find here. We expect to arrive in Acapulco late 26th or early 27th.