We were enjoying our weekend on the Bay with NANEA. Our fellow Pier 39er Charlie Bergstedt took the first pictures of NANEA on the Pacific side with her sails hoisted. See his blog http://2009sailingonsfbay.blogspot.com/ for other photoes that nicely descibe a sailing day on the San Francisco Bay.


In order to prepare for our voyage, we should have been on the other side of Golden Gate but…its nice on the Bay – there is wind but no waves. Conditions feel like what we have in Särkisalo – but during the Finnish summer!  

We headed to downwind  for hour or two to ensure that the “Chef in charge” had optimal working facilities and found out that we were almost in the mouth of Redwood Creek before the sip of Calvados was served.

As it was close to sunset, we decided to find a dockage from the Redwood City Marina. It was a nice little spot where we enjoyed great hospitality by a local Sequoia Yacht Club and Pacific “veteran” sailors Bruce and Rick. We met a wonderfull American-French Standford family preparing their beautiful 40 feet Liberty for a voyage to Mexico. Their 3 year old Casey was already a seasoned dinghy captain and Otso, Oona and Elmo had nice time with him. We had comfortable time with his parents; Sophie and Seth and after a wonderfull dinner we were planning a sailing trip to Monterey together – let’s see if it takes place! Pictures of the four terminators on Seth’s wind vane will be posted later when I deal with our technical preparations for Pacific crossing. 

All together, I must admit that it has been a surprise to me how helpful people we have met in the US. Everywhere, from Newport to San Francisco, we have met bright, skilled, helpful and easy-to-deal with people. When Newport was the sailing capital of the world, the Bay area is a centre of academic enterpreunership where Nobelists and top computer gurus live their lives. As it was a bit unrealistic feeling for me to tune NANEA’s rigging with Lennart – beeing ex-America’s Cup sailor, it is now Johanna’s turn to fine-tune her ideas with brilliant Standford researchers whose supervisors are Nobel prize winners.