After one month of incredibly warm and dry weather we have now enjoyed rain that was brought to us by a low pressure system from northern Pacific. According to local sailors, the gate is now open and it is likely that we will have low pressure system after low pressure system for a longish period of time.

So far we have been happy for getting rain and Nanea has provided a warm and cozy home for us here in the middle of wet Fisherman’s Warf.

I added some pictures showing some rainy day activities.

Oona stepping out for her morning watch, properly dressed.


We watched old Spencer Tracy movie Captain Courageous in which a beautiful Fishing Schooner was bravely sailing around Nova Scotia waters that Nanea is also familiar with. Otso and Oona show how sails were hoisted when the boats were made from wood and men (and girls) from steel.


Johanna has a wonderfull recipe for a chicked filled with currants. This time she had a bit of extra challenge because we bought the chicken from Chinatown and naturally it still had head and legs.

I attached the recipe here because I love it.

Cut the chicken in half. Scrub salt and pepper on skin of the chicken. Then fry the chicken halfs on pan so that they get nice brown colour. Chop some fresh lemon balm or mint. Stuff halvf of the chickens with herbs and red or white currants. Tie the halfs together to make the chicken whole again. Place the chicken into a pot. Pour one cup of cream into the pot and crush one third of the chicked buillon cube on top of the chicken. Cook the chicken on the stove until cream is almost boiling and put the pot to the oven. Cook for one hour. Decorate with fresh currants and herbs.


Elmo is tasting Johanna’s crostini.


We walked around the warf to get some fresh air. Golden Gate and Alcatraz seemed comfortable in the rain but sea lions seemed to be even more noisy than usual.

After a rainy walk and a hot shower, nothing would be more interesting for kids than mother frying pancakes on boat’s stove.


After pancakes, it was time for a bed time story and the day was done…


..except for Johanna, who decided that after having put kids to bed it is a proper time to start sewing.


….and this was Johanna’s day off!