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Hei kaikki,

Nyt sitten on tosi hätä kädessä, nimittäin Johanna on lukenut lapsille satuja siinä määrin ahkeraan, että nyt uhkaavat sadut loppua. Olisiko kellään ehdotuksia mistä satuja tai tarinoita saisi vielä mukaan?

Olemme reissullamme lukeneet jo “vilttitossut ja heinähatut”, “petteri kaniinin seikkailut”, “muumit”, “totte svenssonia yksi seikkailu”, “hawaijilaisia tarinoita” ollaan simultaani tulkattu ja Narnian Tarinat on menossa jo yli puolen välin.


Johanna have read lots of stories to children during our trip. It is nice to go to bed when exiting stories continues every night. Stories were also very important during the heavy weather, because kids we not able to go outside for few days.

Like in many times in life, our bad luck with weather provided also lots of good things. Especially, we were very lucky to get to know the local firemen. They have helped us with everything and also they have shown wonderfull example to our kids in all possible ways. Yesterday, the kids (and us) were exploring star fishes with Tom Lanski, who is enthusiastic fisherman.    




In spite of the rough experiences we have managed to keep our spirits up. See kids jamming with J Karjalainen.

While jamming, we are still waiting to see what repairs need to be done to Nanea. Our stay might be longer than we expect. In mean while, we are moving Nanea over to Channel Islands Harbor Marina. We are renting a slip from there for now. A relaxing week at the hotel is unfortunately over. Thank you to Hampton Inn personnel. We were well taken care of here.

Lähes viikko on kulunut tapahtuneesta. Olemme lepäilleet, parannelleet ruhjeita ja siivonneet veneen sotkuja. Kapteeni Tom Law miehineen on auttanut meitä tyhjentämään veneen. Tavarat ovat olleet laiturilla kuivamassa ja vuodevaatteet, patjakankaat ym. on pesty paloaseman isoissa koneissa. Pilssi, turkkilaudat ja kaikki sisätilat on pesty ja Nanea on puhtaampi kuin koskaan ennen. Kovassa kelissä keittiössä ollut lasinen soijapullo rikkoutui ja sen seurauksena lähes kaikki Nanean varusteet ovat saaneet miedon soijamarinoinnin. Seuraavaksi tavarat siirretään takaisin omille paikoilleen. Tunne on lähes sama kuin muuton jälkeen.

Kalifornian aurinko kuivattaa kastuneet varusteet.

Kalifornian aurinko kuivattaa kastuneet varusteet.

Nanea wants to thank Ventura County California Fire Department and US Coast Guard for their enormous help and support. The Coast Guard helped us sail through the tough weather. Called us every hour to get our position and keeping our spirits up. After arrival, the Ventura County California Fire Department have helped us tremendously. Captain  Tom Law and his team members, Tom Lanski and Christian Quagliata have provided their heavy duty cleaning gear to wash and dry everything. They have helped us empty the boat and to get everyting organized. The kids have had the time of their lives when getting to know these great firemen.

Tom Lanski (left), Captain Tom Law and Christian Quagliata with us in front of the fire truck.

Tom Lanski (left), Captain Tom Law and Christian Quagliata with us in front of the fire truck.

We would also like to warmly thank US Red Cross, for providing us accommodation during this time and getting support for food and clothes.

We are lost for words, when wanting to show our gratitude for your help and support. Simply, thank you.  



Olemme nyt koko perhe onnellisina hotellissa.

Matkalla Monterystä kohtasimme ongelmia. Jouduimme lieden ongelmien takia kääntymään takaisin länsirannikkoa kohti ja Point of Conceptionin koviin tuuliin. Siellä sattui matkamme ensimmäinen ja toivottavasti viimeinen onnettomuus. Johanna sai niskaansa valtavan aallon ja joutui laidan väärälle puolelle. Onneksi elämänlanka piti ja saimme äitikultamme nopeasti kajuuttaan lämpimän makuupussiin.  Kahden päivän purjehduksen jälkeen erittäin kovissa tuulissa (+50 kts) pääsimme purjehtimaan suojaan Channel Islands Marinaan aivan Los Angelesin viereen.

Sen verran paha tälli oli, että Johanna ranteeseen tuli murtuma, joka joudutaan korjaamaan lekurissa. Lisäksi veneeseen tuli projektia. Täällä paikallinen US Coast Guard ja Venturin Palokunta on pitänyt meitä kuin kukkaa kämmenellä. Jopa pyykkimme on haettu ruiskuautolla ja pesty palokunnan koneessa.

Leaving Monterey Bay

Leaving Monterey Bay

We started our journey last Sunday from Monterey.  But after two days, our stove broke down and we had to head back to the coast and strong winds of Point of Conception.

The weather was really hard, wind blowing over 50 knots with big waves. I was on watch at around 1 PM when a big wave broke on us and made Nanea lean 90 degrees on starboard side. The hit was so strong that it took of all the panels from the floor and everything flew. On the deck, the solar panel and the spray hood were totally crushed. I flew overboard. I didn’t loose counsciousness, so for couple of seconds I was thinking that this was the end of me. But then I noticed that I was up, next to Nanea and I just grabbed the railing. I shouted to Jussi but of course he couldn’t hear me because he was inside and the hatch was closed. But I knew he would notice the main sail flapping and come up.

Jussi came up, worked his way through the crushed spray hood and pulled me up. It was hard work, but in couple of minutes I was in the cockpit totally tangled around my life jacket and the life line. I had a huge bump on my head, broken bone in my hand and a sore back, from the enourmous pressure the wave pushed me. Jussi and kids were just fine inside, except of the terrible mess.

We then contacted the coast guard to report what had happened. They wanted to send a helicopter to pick me and kids up. Two hours later the swimmer was dropped down from the helicopter. We then discussed what to do, but the waves were so big that they could not set the cradle on the deck and we would have needed to get into the water. We didn’t want to risk that with the kids, so we decided to stay. I was feeling ok, just that I couldn’t steer anymore.

So the helicopter left with the swimmer. We decided to drift that night so Jussi would get some sleep before starting to steer us towards Santa Barbara.

At 3 AM Jussi started steering and he steered about 24 hours straight. I steered three hours the next day so Jussi could have at least a little bit of rest. It was incredible that he could do that in those conditions, it was really windy, cold and waves were very nasty.

The coast guard called us every hour to check our position and support us. At 5 AM we made it to Channel Islands Marina. The coast guards came with their boat to escort us into the marina. We were exhausted. The ambulance  took me to ER for a check up.

Ensimmäinen päivä matkaa taittunut. (Vielä jäljellä 29). Kaikki meni hienosti, kajuutassa ei ole aikoihin ollut näin hiljaista. Vähän kärsittiin pahoinvointia, mutta muuten aaltojen keinutus tuntui rauhoittavalta. On jo kova hinku päästä jatkamaan matkaa.

Teimme muutamia viilauksia veneeseen, kävimme lasten kanssa tutustumassa hienoon Montereyn akvaarioon ja uimahallissakin ehdimme pulahtaa. 

Tunnin päästä lähdetään. Keli näyttää ihan hyvältä (kts. sääsivuilta ajantasalla oleva säätilanne) ja miehistön mieliala on korkealla. Koitamme päivittää sivuja mahdollisuuksien mukaan sateliittipuhelimen avulla.

Lapset ystävystyivät naapuriveneessä asuvaan Luna -koiraan.

Lapset ystävystyivät naapuriveneessä asuvaan Luna -koiraan.

The modern sailing depends on use of batteries. They come with all sizes. The largest ones weight tens of kilos while the smallest ones are barely seeable. Our Energizer batteries are supplied by Bantra Oy.


Oona and Otso changing Energizer Lithium batteries to Spot satellite device that provides our coordinates to these internet pages.

Thank you Miikka and Juha!

NANEA starts to be ready for Pacific. If everything goes well we should go under the Golden Gate tomorrow. We aim to meet our friends at Half Moon Bay and sail with them to Monterey. After saying goodbye to Casey, Sophie and Seth on Liberty, we will continue towards to Nuku Hiva in Marquesas.

We have received plenty of wonderfull messages from family and friends. Also our new friends here at San Francisco have given us unforgettable support.

The Pier 39 Marina staff organised a Bon Voyage party for us last Friday.


Pier 39 Marina has been such a lovely place to be that I’m sure we will have difficulties to adjust to any marina after beeing part of the Pier 39 family for three months.

It have been difficult to concentrate on getting things ready for the voyage when it also means that we need to say good bye to all friends here in San Francisco. One of our dearest friends is Genghis who visited us today to say Good Bye. When Genghis heared that we have an Ukulele which has lost a couple of strings, he dissappeared just to come back with huge set of new ukulele strings, Hohner harp (Oona stored it under her pillow) and set of wooded rythm sticks as a farewell presents for the kids. We will soon have nice jams on Pacific…


Within this kind of company, it is no wonder that we have had wonderfull time during these three months in San Francisco. Otso told us that he will come back when he is big enough – and will take us along 😉

Olemme saaneet ihania tervehdyksiä ja paketteja ystäviltä läheltä ja kaukaa. Kiitos kaikille! Yksi tervehdys saapui toissapäivänä ystävältämme Helyltä Englannista. Hely osallistui viime vuonna  Clippers Challenge -pujehduskisaan legillä Kiinasta Hawajin kautta San Franciscoon. Saimme Helyltä erinomaisia vinkkejä matkaa varten. (Toivottavasti Hely annat julkaisuluvan.)

Valtameren ylityksen pelastavat tekijät:

1. Hyvä porukka (pitäisi olla kunnossa)

2. Villasukat (kyllä vaan, käytössä ovat olleet jo ahkeraan)

3. Lämminvesipullo sujautettuna makuupussiin (saattaisi tulla kyllä tarpeeseen ainakin enismmäisillä viikoilla. Elmoon ei tosin voi luottaa, mitä todennäköisemmin avaisi hanan kun löytäisi pullon makuupunkasta)

4. Höyrynpäästökanava esim. oma soppi mihin paeta tai purjepussi mitä mätkiä (Pienissä tiloissa välillä tuppaavat hermot kiristymään. Täytyypä etsiä jokaiselle sopiva oma kanava höyryjen päästelyyn. Helyllä se oli  ipodin 15 minuutin joogarentoutus, jota joutui kuuntelemaan kuulema aika usein.)

Kiitos Helylle vinkeistä.  Pyrimme noudattamaan ohjeita.

Keulapiikki on paikka missä voi olla rauhassa ja paeta vaikka kiireisiä lähtövalmisteluja.

Keulapiikki on paikka missä voi olla rauhassa ja paeta vaikka kiireisiä lähtövalmisteluja.

Last Sunday we started an intensive job of provicioning the boat. Our wonderful neighbour Victoria offered to help me with the shopping. The first task was to buy all dry foods. We spend three hours at the whole sale store and ended up with two over loaded shopping carts that we could bearly move. Ten kilos of potatoes, two big bags of rice, lot of pasta, dried meat and fruit, nuts, lot of oatmeal and huge bag of flour among other items found its way to the carts.

My ambitious goal is to produce as little waiste as possible. So I tired to avoid can foods as much as possible. Instead, I found dried meats that could be used for cooking. I hope the kids will not be too upset about the new course meals. I also wanted to pack everyting into plastic containes in order to get rid of the packing boards and plastics.

After shopping it took us a day to try to figure out where to put all this food. Fortunately, Victoria offered again a helping hand and in no time all items found a container and a place either in cabin lockers or in bilge. Now, I only need to think where to put all that fresh food…

Otso, Oona and Elmo are helping. Surprisingly we only lost one package of cheese over board.

Otso, Oona and Elmo are helping. Surprisingly we only lost one package of cheese over board.