NANEA starts to be ready for Pacific. If everything goes well we should go under the Golden Gate tomorrow. We aim to meet our friends at Half Moon Bay and sail with them to Monterey. After saying goodbye to Casey, Sophie and Seth on Liberty, we will continue towards to Nuku Hiva in Marquesas.

We have received plenty of wonderfull messages from family and friends. Also our new friends here at San Francisco have given us unforgettable support.

The Pier 39 Marina staff organised a Bon Voyage party for us last Friday.


Pier 39 Marina has been such a lovely place to be that I’m sure we will have difficulties to adjust to any marina after beeing part of the Pier 39 family for three months.

It have been difficult to concentrate on getting things ready for the voyage when it also means that we need to say good bye to all friends here in San Francisco. One of our dearest friends is Genghis who visited us today to say Good Bye. When Genghis heared that we have an Ukulele which has lost a couple of strings, he dissappeared just to come back with huge set of new ukulele strings, Hohner harp (Oona stored it under her pillow) and set of wooded rythm sticks as a farewell presents for the kids. We will soon have nice jams on Pacific…


Within this kind of company, it is no wonder that we have had wonderfull time during these three months in San Francisco. Otso told us that he will come back when he is big enough – and will take us along 😉