Olemme nyt koko perhe onnellisina hotellissa.

Matkalla Monterystä kohtasimme ongelmia. Jouduimme lieden ongelmien takia kääntymään takaisin länsirannikkoa kohti ja Point of Conceptionin koviin tuuliin. Siellä sattui matkamme ensimmäinen ja toivottavasti viimeinen onnettomuus. Johanna sai niskaansa valtavan aallon ja joutui laidan väärälle puolelle. Onneksi elämänlanka piti ja saimme äitikultamme nopeasti kajuuttaan lämpimän makuupussiin.  Kahden päivän purjehduksen jälkeen erittäin kovissa tuulissa (+50 kts) pääsimme purjehtimaan suojaan Channel Islands Marinaan aivan Los Angelesin viereen.

Sen verran paha tälli oli, että Johanna ranteeseen tuli murtuma, joka joudutaan korjaamaan lekurissa. Lisäksi veneeseen tuli projektia. Täällä paikallinen US Coast Guard ja Venturin Palokunta on pitänyt meitä kuin kukkaa kämmenellä. Jopa pyykkimme on haettu ruiskuautolla ja pesty palokunnan koneessa.

Leaving Monterey Bay

Leaving Monterey Bay

We started our journey last Sunday from Monterey.  But after two days, our stove broke down and we had to head back to the coast and strong winds of Point of Conception.

The weather was really hard, wind blowing over 50 knots with big waves. I was on watch at around 1 PM when a big wave broke on us and made Nanea lean 90 degrees on starboard side. The hit was so strong that it took of all the panels from the floor and everything flew. On the deck, the solar panel and the spray hood were totally crushed. I flew overboard. I didn’t loose counsciousness, so for couple of seconds I was thinking that this was the end of me. But then I noticed that I was up, next to Nanea and I just grabbed the railing. I shouted to Jussi but of course he couldn’t hear me because he was inside and the hatch was closed. But I knew he would notice the main sail flapping and come up.

Jussi came up, worked his way through the crushed spray hood and pulled me up. It was hard work, but in couple of minutes I was in the cockpit totally tangled around my life jacket and the life line. I had a huge bump on my head, broken bone in my hand and a sore back, from the enourmous pressure the wave pushed me. Jussi and kids were just fine inside, except of the terrible mess.

We then contacted the coast guard to report what had happened. They wanted to send a helicopter to pick me and kids up. Two hours later the swimmer was dropped down from the helicopter. We then discussed what to do, but the waves were so big that they could not set the cradle on the deck and we would have needed to get into the water. We didn’t want to risk that with the kids, so we decided to stay. I was feeling ok, just that I couldn’t steer anymore.

So the helicopter left with the swimmer. We decided to drift that night so Jussi would get some sleep before starting to steer us towards Santa Barbara.

At 3 AM Jussi started steering and he steered about 24 hours straight. I steered three hours the next day so Jussi could have at least a little bit of rest. It was incredible that he could do that in those conditions, it was really windy, cold and waves were very nasty.

The coast guard called us every hour to check our position and support us. At 5 AM we made it to Channel Islands Marina. The coast guards came with their boat to escort us into the marina. We were exhausted. The ambulance  took me to ER for a check up.