Tiny crabs hide inside small shells. Great fun to chase them.

Tiny crabs hide inside small shells. Great fun to chase them.

Rangiroa atoll seems to be easy place for families to find fun activities. Both the outer ocean side and inner lagoon side  current are magnificent. Water is crystal clear and white sand makes it look like turqoise. The best activity here is snorkling. The best way to do it is to go to inlets between motus when the water is coming into the lagoon.   The strong current gives you a free ride and you can enjoy the scenery .

Today we floated with current  in Avatory pass. The kids were in the dinghy or hanging attached to it when we floated by the reefs. We saw lot of colourful fish, three big Manta rays  and couple of black tip sharks. Sharks are so well fed here that they do not feel agressive towards divers.

Tomorrow we will go riding bicycles and visit the Avatoru village.

We do not yet when we continue sailing. The weather looks good – thank you friends very much for the help with translation of french forecasts. We are still confused about the weather but at higher level…

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