The whole family was packed into dinghy and we headed to a shallow water inside reef near Club Med resort in North Western corner of Moorea.

We prepared for this trip by spear fishing small fish to be given for rays and sharks. The rays got crazy when we gave them fish – it took time to get used to a half a dozen of nearly one meter long rays climing on your back and chest.

Curious and hungry rays approaching.

Also the black tip sharks were circling around us. They waited patiently when we started throwing fish to them too. For some reason no one was volunteering to feed them from hand.

Then we headed to the resort hotel. We had heard that there was  a dolphin aquarium. The main activity for tourists was to swim with the dophins and get to pet them. For honeymooners there was a special treat. To kiss the dolpins. For some reason, the more natural ray feeding felt more sensible.

Get photographed when kissing a dolphin.

Get photographed when kissing a dolphin.