It is easy to say that Huahine is a nice place – although, we have travelled the island rather little due to the flu running on board.  Elmo got it first, then Oona and now Otso is down in the bed suffering modest fever. 

This was the first night not a single kid was in the water before eight a.m.  Yesterday we anyway had a small Indiana Jones adventure to ancient ruins (which were quite smallish).  The best part of the ruins was to watch the waves breaking on the reef. There was also a small pass that was occupied by local surfers, bodysurfers and kajak surfers. I tried to take a closer look and had planned to come back with one magnificent body surf but did not really got any. The surge was so powerfull that it required quite an effort to come back from the breaking waves. For a moment it looked like I was on my way back to Tahiti.

We have now set a plan for the place for having Johanna’s 40th birthday party. It is a motu in Bora bora just next to only pass. Our cruising friends Allison & Derek from Kalida will join us and we will celebrate Derek’s 60th  birthday, amazingly at very same day.  We will monitor VHF 16 for closer instructions next weekend.

A chart to Johanna's and Derek's birthday party

A chart to Johanna's and Derek's birthday party

Everyone from near and far are warmly welcome to the party.