We have arrived to NIUE, one of the smallest countries in the world, which consists of an island 230 miles east from Tonga. Our passage from Bora Bora went very well and we had nice weather all the time. We rested two days during the trip by anchoring in the middle of the ocean!? The sea is very deep there, typically more than four kilometers but we found a submerged atoll called “Beweridge reef”. The reef even under the water provided good protection from waves and we had unbelievably clear water and were anchored in three meters on white sand bottom.

Like Seth suggested, the reef does not exist where it should be – instead it lies 3 miles NE. The entrance was in exact 20 degrees south and 167 degress and 46.5 minutes west. Maybe google earth shows some breakers around it?

Yesterday, we arrived into Niue which is a island country with 800 habitants. It is wonderfull laid back place, where humpback whales spend their honeymoon. We have a big female and her calf circling around the anchorage – hopefully we manage to swim together before we leave.

Weather looks good. We are planning to leave to Tonga after a through west of us passes Niue.