At home we washed clothes almost everyday – now we go to Marina for doing laundry every second week. How is this possible? It is a bit fuzzy, but propably now a days we change if  we really need a new shirt whereas at home changing shirts was like washing teeth, an everyday routine.

This is Elmo`s usual outfit -very practical for reducing laundry.

For Christmas, we need to prepare some fish. I think we try to catch some small prey and try to spice it up according to our family recipies for herring. Local fresh fish can be good in akvavit or cream sauce. Unfortunately, I left my herring recipes home but maybe I remember the key points.

We do not try to put up a Finnish Christmas here but Christmas without a few types of salmon and herring could be difficult. When we asked kids what they would like to do at Christmas they said: skiing, swimming, beach games, horse riding …. they are clever to match they whishes to the location. For skiing we might need to go for sand dunes…. here in NZ they have every kind of activities you can imagine.

Nanea in Russell Boating Club