A day starts around 6.30 when Johanna puts up a swimming shorts and sits in the canoe, which she uses to get to the bus.

Kids and Jussi had morning swim from the deck of NANEA and then head to beach for play and school works.

Our favorite lunch is available just on the beach from Dragon fired owen.

Afternoon kids played football with local kids and we studied a bit of Maori kite art. Maoris as well as other Polynesian people originate from Asia and they too had a kite tradition which originates from China. We are planning to see these and other Maori myths in Auckland Museum this weekend.

The best part of the day is anyway when mom goes back from work and we have a BBQ on beach. It seems that barbeque is important part of kiwi life style. In the most most beaches and playgrounds, the city council offers free gas grills for everybody… and they are able to keep it clean and use it without problems. The picture below shows the grill. By pressing a button on the console, the grill heats the steel top plates with propane flame. It is tested to be very good for fish, chicken, lamp and sausage.  

However, each of us still have dreams not yet come true. Quess what is the one for Oona?