Nanea`s beautiful and most likely the original Baby Blake toilet has been replaced by a new but plain assembly line toilet. The baby blake served us well. We even got spare parts for the toilet in Oxnard, California. Pastor and a mechanic Ernie Moquin  was repairing our engine  and while lying on the floor he noticed our old toilet. All of a sudden he realised that he had exactly the same toilet in his van and did not really know what to do with it. So Ernie was kind to donate it for spare parts. The spare toilet did come in hand, since in Beveridge Reef we ended up replacing the parts to the original one.

But in the end, after opening and re-assembling the toilet about 30 times on our passage accross the Pasific, Jussi still could not stop the toilet of leaking. And finally we made a difficult decision of replacing the old Baby Blake with a new toilet. I must admit, that I am very happy of having a dry and drysweet-smelling  toilet for a change. In addition, Nanea lost about 25 kilos of weight in the process. 

Baby Blake