We finally got the chance to meet up with our French cruising friends Olivier, Carmen, Arthur and Zoé from Taugul. Taugul family flew from Sydney to New Zealand and had been travelling from South Island to Auckland for three weeks. Last weekend’s tsunami warning tried to keep us apart, but finally when the alarm was off, we ended up at the Oneroa beach for a barbeque. Our extended beach “kitchen” provides excellent facilities for catering friends, although I’m always a little bit nervous when cooking for French, since they really appreciate good food. Anyway, we had a lovely lunch at a sunny afternoon catching up on news and discussing about New Zealand wines.

Carmen, Olivier, and Jussi

Later next week we got an dinner invitation to Taugul’s place, The family was staying at a nice camping site near Auckland. We again grilled and enjoyed a lovely dinner. We got into a lively discussion about our future plans that we lost the track of time. At 21.30 a voice from a camper van shouted: “Quiet, please!” So quietly we sneaked back to the cabin feeling a bit like a group of teenagers.

Otso, Oona and Elmo enjoying Zoe's company.