Nanea spent Easter at Great Barrier Island.  Mr. Leo from Disa was onboard providing joy for kids and adults. The island locates roughly 6o miles NE from Auckland – not very far for a fine vessel like Nanea.  However, we decided to have a stop in Kawau Island and spent the night in lovely anchorage in Mansion Bay.   Next day we sailed against a bit of NE breeze (20kn) to the Great Barrier Island.

1 p.m. we got a MAKO shark. Name MAKO is given by Maori. This beautiful animal is a true legend that is considered the ultimate game fish by many, for examle Papa Hemingway. It is propably the only fish that is really capable of attacking the crew onboard by jumping from water to the cockpit! However, our miniMAKO was small and not dangerous. However, its jaws are frightening even in this scale.

Otso ja MAKO

MAKO is a fish eater capable of catching any other fish as it is really fast (maybe 20 knots!). The structure is beautiful, strong fins and a tail…and fish is all muscle. Kids showed lots of respect to that animal until “Leo broke it”. It was cutted in slices like a sausage because it has no bones with the exception of a very flexible spine.

Mako gave us a good start and we ate a lot of snapper, grouper and trevally during our trip. In addition, we harvested a good selection of shellfish from the sea. Here we are preparing scallops for dinner.