Johanna is concentrating her studies while Otso and Oona are having intense home school. Jussi and Elmo are still not mature enough for serious work. Kids daily schedule is:

1 hour maths 

1 hour reading and writing (in english and in finnish)



1 – 3 hour sport (swimming, football, walking, rugby (kids favourite), etc.)

One of our daily stops is with Stefan, an emigrant from Romania who argueably sells the world’s best hot dogs in NZ. As an ex-waterpolo player he is also a frequent visitor of Tepid Paths – our favourite swimming hall in Auckland. When he swims his DOG sits under the life quard chair following intensively when he is doing his laps – the dog would qualify as an spectator in Wimbledon.

School seems to be more inviting to kids here than in tropics. Both Oona and Otso know how to read and write in finnish and both can little bit speak and read english. In fact, Otso can cope with everyday situations in english – which is fairly good for a eight year old finn. He was also able to move the boat alone in great barrier island while parents were diving for scallops and anchor was dragging! I think we need to consider a new rank for him soon.