AP Photo / Eric Gay

I hope that Finland and other EU countries send all possible help to oil catastrophe on Gulf of Mexico! The cleaning operation will take a long time. This absolutely horrified accident will affect for years to the life of local people and animals.

Only positive thing I can see is that hopefully it will raise our consiousness regarding the risks that exist on seas nowadays. All ecofriendly technology we sailors try to utilise in our vessels have most probably non significant affect in comparison to these accidents. Our own baltic sea is prone to similar catastrophes and the pipes and oil tankers there belong to the country that has every world record in human and ecological catastrophes.

I have personal debt of honor to US Coast Guard and Ventura Fire Department but I really hope that our fellow countrymen in Finnish parliament do not start typical domestic-political-mambojambo to collect political points with this terrifying catastrophe but send their good oil collecting vessels to the area immediately and help Tom and his collegues to clean the coast and save what can be saved.