Legos are usefull stuff. Many dreams are realised with these. Nanea kids have developed a game to explore basic football tactics. See Otso’s instructions below.

You need:
– 22 (2×11) lego bricks which represent players in football game. In our version 7 fat (L2) 4 thin (L1) are good for the game.
– board for the field (16 x 32 is field proven)
– two goals (L4)
– a ball brick (L1)
In addition, we have used yellow flat brick on cornes and middle line but real pro’s would draw lines with white marker.
See picture for illustration.

San Siro

Score a goal by moving the ball from your own player to opponents goal.

How to play:
– If the ball is alongside your player (brick) you can shoot or pass by moving the ball straight or diagonally as long as there is free space.
– you can move all your players four nibbles at the time. It can go straight in any combination but not diagonally.
– if you have a man front of you cannot jump over but you need to go around.
– you can move all players if you want and then you can move the ball two times, i.e., you arrange you players and then make two passes or a pass and goal. You need to ensure that you always have your player next to ball before you start to move the ball.
– to begin, you need to organise the men on the field . Both 4-4-2 or 4-2-3-1 have proved to be good strategy.
if you want to make different teams you can select the colours according to jerseys, yellow could be brasil, white germain or new zealand. Orange is oranje.

Game on going and Otso analyses the situation from Dunga’s point of view.

Dunga makes his move...

Fastest game has been less than minute and longest almost half an hour. We are planning to organize a LIFA 2011 tournament so get ready….

Otso wants to add that he will be happy answer to all questions. Oh what is the result for Holland Spain game… you need to find it out by playing:-)