While Johanna is preparing for oral presentation of her PhD thesis Friday in Aalto University, we sailed towards west in the search of sun and sheltered waters. The passage took only 10 hours as we mostly had to run the engine as the waves were big but wind was light. Again we were lucky with fishing and ware convinced that our friend in Waiheke who gave us three lures is one heck of a fisherman. His red/white Rapala lure is so good that we need to keep it in the bucket in cockpit to prevent fish jumping voluntarily to the boat.

Now we are in Likuri Island which is also called as Robinson Crusoe Island. A funny resort that provides cabaree to western turists – a bit like a Moulin Rouge of Pacific Islands. Entrance is tricky as the sand moves the way that charts cannot keep up. Resort gives guidance by radio – our entrance went good. Northern reef needs to be followed until inside marker is reached then course can be altered towards green roofs on Northwestern bank. Anchorage has 1-2 kn current. Staff is friendly and owner is ex-Aussie-sailor so cruisers are pampered. Kids can use resort services for free. We will boat school, swim and wait a bit before we will move to Mamanuca Island group. Obviously we cannot wait to hear news from Johanna’s big day!