NANEA is ejoying nice weather in Mamanucas. We anchored in fron of tiny and unhabited Mociu Island. Island is just north of the Castaway resort in Qualito Island. Otso was especially happy. Kids went to shore by canoe waving their wooden swords. In 15 minutes the island tresures were harvested. We cut open four green coconuts for their milk and kids instructed me carefully how to make a proper straw from native “hay”.

The reef was friendly and beautiful. Home daddy got one mullet and a grouper for our lunch. Our fishing canoe is not so fast but good for spear fishing. It is very stable, easy to drag along and has enough room for the fish bag and fishing/diving equipment.

During the fish cleaning operation three adult humpback whales entered the lagoon. These majestetic marine mammals are wondeful to see. I was wondering why they did not seemed to have calves with them – maybe they were males looking for fish in herd. However, local boys we chasing them with fishing vessel and we did not had a safe change to see if they would like to meet us. Sometimes a torpeedo would be essential equipment in a yacht.

Afternoon, fast boat arrived and let a croup of human females and males on shore. Our kids lost their interest about island and we decided that tommorrow we sail further. Possibly we will sail to monoriki island where Tom Hanks filmed a movie talking with his volley ball. I think the movie was called Castaway? Present day he could have chatted in facebook with all his friends and spent lots of money for transmission costs.

It is amazing how much western tourists these islands have. Where are all those 4 million Chinese whose yearly income is larger than 23 million USD or all super fast Chinese swimmers? Most propably they are at work (as we should be ofcourse). Chinese influence is evidently rising. In Suva we saw massive chinese fishing fleet and a 100 meter long radio research ship. It looked like a white cruising ship expect that the upper deck was not reserved for swimming pools or bars but there was five huge antennas directed straight to sky. I imagined that Chinese space research was utilising Fiji as a home port for their movable earth station in southern pacific. But then they must have similar somewhere in Africa to be able to receive and transmit 24 hours for earth orbiting satellites? Or maybe it was a research vessel for more varied roles….

I was in the custom to clear out when the ship left and enjoyed a couple of funny moments during the departure seremony. Like any other nationality, Chinese were proud about this hich tech vessel and there was a suffcient group of local Chinese ex-pats to cheer and sing when the boat was dragged out of marina by tug boats all waving eagerly Fijian and Chinese flags. But then a Fijian guy picked a couple of flags from the bag of the head of goodbye comittee. He was politely informed that the flags will be collected back after the boat has left – for future use. Well a bit of theather is allright… and it is hard for empty bag to stand upright!