Name: Jussi Tuominen
Nick name: Jussik
Age: 37
Responsibilities: Fixing, refixing, and re-refixing
Favourite tasks on board: …fixing?
Favourite food on board: Lamb stew
Motto: Keep it simple!




Name: Johanna Leppävirta
Nick name: Johka
Age: 39
Responsibilities: Everything but fixing
Favourite tasks on board: Listening our tun Matkalla San Franciscoon by Edu Kettunen
Favourite food on board: Fresh fish (hope we can catch some)
Motto: Enjoy simple things!



Name: Otso Tuominen
Nick name: Ode
Age: 7
Responsibilities: Piling the anchor chain
Favourite tasks on board: Building with legos
Favourite food on board: Hamburgers
Motto: Silverado!


Name: Oona Tuominen
Nick name: Omppu, “Sasha”
Age: 5
Responsibilities: Fishing
Favourite tasks on board: Drawing
Favourite food on board: Strawberries
Motto: Taking care of the little ones!


Name: Elmo Tuominen
Nick name: The eye
Age: 3
Responsibilities: Doing dishies
Favourite tasks on board: Watching animals
Favourite food on board: Chicken and rice
Motto: Hi guys!