Our dream journey from San Francisco to Melbourne is described in the following map.

But before this would be posible, the yacht must be sailed from Newport to San Francisco in following four legs:

– Delivery Leg 1 from Newport to Miami

– Delivery Leg 2 from Miami to Panama

– Delivery Leg 3 from Panama to Mexico

– Delivery Leg 4 from Mexico to San Francisco California

Leg 1 was conducted between May 4 and 17, 2008. The first part of the first leg was taken care by Jussi and Teppo.   The route went first to New York via Long Island Sound. It was an amazing experience to enter NY within the flooding East River.  Steering of 17 tons Swan 44 with 37 HP engine down in 8 knots stream was an experience that I’ll never forget. We felt like riding on a log in a stream. I was lucky to have a good friend and a experienced sailor with me there.    

After NY, the crew consisted of five persons: Jussi Tuominen, Teppo Sorvali, Heikki WInberg, Jyri Hakuri and Liisa Peltonen. The following part of the leg we did with only one quick stop in Ocean City before Palm Beach. In Palm Beach Heikki and Liisa left us and they continued their holiday with a rented car. Jyri was also leaving the boat in Miami but before he left two members of our crew for the next leg arrived. My farther in law Heikki Leppävirta and his friend Matti Luoma occupied the stern quarters of NANEA in Miami Beach Harbour. Before Jyri was supposed to move in shore, I called a test sail despite the high risk for heavy thunderstorms. We wanted to give Jyri a chance to feel our new front sails. The sails were extraordinary but we wanted to follow Rod Stephens’ old fashioned recommendations for offshore sails and purchased new Yankee (high-cut Genoa) and fore-staysail from UK Halsey in Mystic/CT. Due to the their scheduling problems the sails were sent to Miami. Sails proved to be excellent. With two head sails we always had lots of choices.  Next morning Jyri left and took the following photo.  We were missing this seasoned sailor many times during the following leg.       

Leg 2 started May 19, 2008 when we left Miami Beach Harbour at 6 a.m. This time crew included four persons: Jussi Tuominen, Teppo Sorvali, Heikki Leppävirta and Matti Luoma. The first few days were spent to sail against the wind and golf stream. After Key West we finally were able to get the reacher up again and enjoy Cuban coastal sailing in very pleasant conditions.

The weather changes after Havanna. We just got the reacher down when first tropical squall caught us. The cold air that was pushed before the storm warned us and we tried to get the second reef to main. We were a bit late and 45 knots wind started to blow. As this was first time for us in these conditions we were not ready and made couple of mistakes during the reefing manouver. The final outcome was that we lost a boomvang for few hours.

After that we had a variety of tropical squalls during day and night time but no further havoc happened. We felt that we and NANEA were ready for strong trade winds.

With eastern trade winds we sailed in five days from Cayman Islands to Panama. We approached the Shelter Bay Marina at night and went directly to Shelter Bay Marina inside the Cristobal breakwaters. 

Leg 3 will start November 9, 2008 and Leg 4 three weeks later December 1, 2008. The planned schedule is described below. 

Our Route and main way points are described in the following tables:  



Tables were modified and equipped with geographical formulas based on the examples we got from Aida (Swan 42).