2011 July and we are just about to departure to Fiji. Weather is interesting. I updated this page with some new info from Nadi met service. The basic concept is that in these waters NZ met service is responsible everything below 25 S and Nadi is monitoring latitudes between equator and 25S.

We believe that the big picture of the current weather can be best gained by using New Zealand Met service or Fiji Met service charts and comparing them with european ASCAT satellite based wind analysis. Take a look at the two pictures below. The first one gives the latest surface level weather analysis (updated) and the next one  gives the picture of current wind measured from satellite pictures (updated). The third one is the infrared picture of South Pacific (updated). White is cold and dark is warm. White means rain or high clouds. The fourth picture describes the global weather temperatures (wunderground). The water temperatures are closely related to cyclone formation. We will update cyclone risk information in these pages if available.

Some direct links for goverment provided weather information:

New Zealand Weather charts

New Zealand Pacific Weather Forecast

Fiji Outlook

Fiji Marine bulletin

NOOA Pacific Charts

South Pacific Cyclone tracks

Cyclone risk analysis (private)

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